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If you identify as a mother of a neurodiverse child, (or many neurodiverse children like we do), keep right on reading.  The "You Don't Need a Hug" team is busy planning a three night experience that will recharge you in ways you might not even know you need recharging in.  

This Fall, 2023 retreat, taking place in South Haven, Michigan, at the dreamiest glamping resort on planet earth, is YOU TIME.  It's time to reconnect to the bad ass woman you are, have been, and always will be.  Not because you're a fierce mom, but because you're YOU.  Simply YOU.  It's time to inhale with space to exhale.  It's sharing space with women who get it.  It's being reminded of how much beauty surrounds us, at our fingertips, no effort from us involved.  And it's time to learn how to tap into that beauty within our tired bodies, minds, & souls.  

Ok, Mama.  Take a moment and picture yourself here.  Zero kids.  Just you and a group of women who understand your world.   


The Fields of Michigan friends.  It's divine.  Just ask Condé Nast and every other media outlet known to woman.  

It's all ours from October 10-13, 2023.  We know.  It's so good.

Our friend Irene owns this fantasy land and will leave us wanting for nothing.  Each luxurious field tent includes a full bathroom with hot showers, electricity, heaters, deluxe king beds with heated bedding, and a ridiculous amount of charm.  The property?  Just stop it.  It's all too much.  We'll use the gorgeous community building for workshops, meals, & general gathering.  Your massages will take place in a cabin in the woods and we'll meet for yoga and meditation in the midst of the lavender field or perhaps the blueberry farms.  We'll see how we feel.  Bonfires at night?  Yes ma'am.  And maybe in the mornings too.  Farm fresh breakfasts and dinners will leave us content and nourished.  And Fall means pumpkins ladies.  So many pumpkins.  We might even go pick some ourselves.  And we haven't even touched on the beauty of the surrounding town.    

As if The Fields isn't pampering enough, we'll also be graced by the coastal town of South Haven.  She is incredibly kind on the eyes.

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