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Ep 26: Rewiring a Dysregulated Brain Using the Science of Neuroplasticity with Carol Garner-Houston of Brain Harmony

When it comes to the brains of our neurodivergent kids and friends… There can be a lot going on. Constant input that they struggle to filter, regular therapy that they may not be able to implement yet, and expectations from a society that’s not built for them: it can be so overwhelming and dysregulating.

And while manual therapy interventions can result in slow, steady progress, using the principles of neuroplasticity can help accelerate and regulate the brains of our kids much faster. And that’s where Brain Harmony comes in.

In today’s episode, Gwen and Kristen are joined by Carol Garner-Houston to discuss neuroplasticity, what a therapy accelerant is, and how Brain Harmony can make a difference –quickly– in the lives of our neurodivergent kids.

Plus, Gwen discusses her family’s personal experience when it comes to Brain Harmony and how it’s made such a difference for them.

This episode might change your life, and you can’t miss it. Let’s dive in!

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In this episode, you’ll learn...

  • [01:03] Kristen’s not-so-good morning

  • [04:46] Gwen’s revelation on summer planning

  • [08:03] The therapy that was life-changing for Gwen and her kids

  • [16:19] How the brain reacts during therapies and how Brain Harmony helps to accelerate that process using 

  • [23:30] The scientific basis for Brain Harmony and an explanation of neuroplasticity

  • [30:06] Gwen’s experience with Brain Harmony and why she appreciated using it for her family

  • [37:37] How accelerants like Brain Harmony can help calm a dysregulated nervous system

  • [41:41] What you actually hear when you listen to Brain Harmony 

  • [45:36] The symptoms that Brain Harmony can help treat and how to start working with Brain Harmony

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About Carol Garner-Houston

Carol is a licensed occupational therapist who has specialized in helping children and adults overcoming neurodevelopmental challenges for the past 25 years. In 1999, she was awarded the Health Systems Innovations Award serving vulnerable populations in mental health from the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems while working at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. In 2020, she was awarded the NBCOT Impact Award for her exceptional professional commitment through dedication, hard work, and outstanding OT skills to improve clients' quality of life.

Resources for this episode…

Transcript for "Rewiring a Dysregulated Brain Using the Science of Neuroplasticity with Carol Garner-Houston of Brain Harmony"

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